Controller Inputs and Outputs

Fundamentally, a feedback control system needs both an input and an output. In OkapiLib, Iterative Controllers do not require Controller Inputs and Outputs to be passed into the constructor like Async Controllers do, but they are still necessary for making use of the controller. This tutorial will explain more about what Controller Inputs and Outputs are, and what classes can be used for such purposes.

General Usage

Using Controller Inputs and Outputs is quite simple, they each only have one function. Controller Inputs will return their current state with the controllerGet function, and Controller Outputs can be given a desired output with controllerSet. The exact implementation of these functions varies depending on what device you are using, but all Controller Outputs will accept a range of [-1, 1] as the input to controllerSet for the sake of standardization across multiple different devices and configurations (i.e. motors with different gearings).

What Classes are of Each Type?

Controller Inputs:

Controller Outputs: